The art of Montessori, which simply means finding the best way to help the child himself become what he was meant to become from the first moment of conception, is an art that joins home and school. That means parent and teacher supporting one another in their responsibility to the life of the child.

Maria Montessori

Teacher serving cookies to childrenREDS strives to create a strong community between the children, faculty, parents and staff. We recognize that parents entrust us with their most precious possession, their children. We take this responsibility seriously and aim to build a partnership with parents. This partnership involves all members in shared communication, support and interest advancing the mission and values of the school.

We have an active Parents Association. This organization provides a vehicle for parent opportunity, involvement and participation. All parents who have children enrolled in REDS are members and are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings. The REDS Parent Association (RPA) strives to provide a means through which parents can work together with the administration, faculty, and staff for the benefit of the children. REDS values the parent body, the friendships formed and the strong sense of community that is enjoyed by all.